Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Music Simulator Playlists: Rocksmith & Rapstar (On Grooveshark)

Occurred to me that I had not checked out Rocksmith's song set. This is the latest music simulator, the first where you can literally use any electric guitar as a controller, and the second where you can use an actual guitar as a controller (Rock Band 3's guitars were proprietary). Despite not being interested in learning the guitar at all, I am definitely getting this game once I'm settled in Europe, though hopefully someone (like my sister or Italian friend) will lend me a guitar. So I listened to the playlist to see what I'm in for.

What was interesting was that non of the songs were terribly familiar. A significant problem with this Rhythm game genre is that most games use the same exact songs, making it sort of annoying to buy from different developers or across instruments (karaoke to guitar, for example). Luckily, Rocksmith is really trying to differentiate itself. A lot of the songs weren't terribly good, but I'm sure they'll grow on me as I progress through the game.

Hopefully, a keyboard or DJ simulator will come out before I'm settled and I can avoid learning the guitar altogether.

I also listened to DefJam's Rapstar by Konami. It's a karaoke game devoted to hip-hop and rap. Although previous games have used different interfaces for spoken word sections of songs, this was an interesting breakthrough. I listened to playlist to see if I could put up with this genre of music enough to enjoy the game. Though there are a lot of classic tracks and the list itself sufficiently covers the history of the genre, most of the songs are not fun for me. I won't be able to get this game and will have to wait for Karaoke Revolution 2 to come out, though no one knows when that is. 

I should probably start listening to some news during work, now that the two-hour commute is gone.

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